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No new Nipah cases detected in India: WHO

No new cases of Nipah virus have been detected in India since September 15, the World Health Organization said Tuesday, following an outbreak earlier in the month that caused two deaths.

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India imposes curbs after two die of Nipah virus

India has curbed public gatherings and shut some schools in the southern state of Kerala after two people died of Nipah, a virus from bats or pigs that causes deadly fever, officials said Thursday.


Sardine dish poisons to death diner in France

A woman has died from botulism after eating sardines at a Bordeaux restaurant and 12 other people, mostly foreigners, are being treated for the rare condition, French health officials said Wednesday.

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Mpox vaccine found to be protective by CDC

Researchers from the Mpox Emergency Response Team, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) in Atlanta have conducted a case-control study based on data from a nationwide electronic health record database, Cosmos, ...

Diseases, Conditions, Syndromes

Doctor who helped vanquish smallpox assesses COVID response

In 1970s India, the physician and epidemiologist Larry Brilliant played an important role in efforts that eradicated smallpox caused by the deadliest form of the virus, variola major. Since then, he has continued his public ...

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