LatAm governments facing vaccine distribution challenges

Cash-strapped Latin American governments face severe geographical, economic and social challenges in trying to ensure life-saving COVID-19 vaccines are made available to vulnerable populations, experts say.


Q&A: Systemic racism in Canada's health care system

The racist treatment of a dying Indigenous mother of seven by several health-care workers at a Quebec hospital last month made headlines and sparked controversy across the country. Joyce Echaquan, a member of the Atikamekw ...

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500 years ago, another epidemic swept Mexico: smallpox

There were mass cremations of bodies; entire families died and the inhabitants of the city, afraid to pull their bodies out, simply collapsed their homes on top of them to bury them on the spot.


COVID-19 and the decolonization of Indigenous public health

Indigenous self-determination, leadership and knowledge have helped protect Indigenous communities in Canada during the coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) pandemic, and these principles should be incorporated into public ...

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Indigenous Brazilians launch coronavirus tracing app

Indigenous and environmental organizations in Brazil launched an app on Friday aimed at alerting indigenous communities to the spread of the coronavirus pandemic in their lands.

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Coronavirus hits isolated Indian island tribe

Ten members of India's dwindling Great Andamanese tribe have tested positive for coronavirus, officials said Thursday, fuelling concerns about the safety of the group and other indigenous people in the remote archipelago.


Survey: Indigenous populations face unique COVID-19 risks

COVID-19 has unique impacts on Indigenous populations. Now a leading network of Indigenous leaders, scientists, and other experts has identified research topics that are important for better understanding the pandemic's impacts ...

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