US Supreme Court appears split over COVID vaccine mandates

The US Supreme Court appeared to be divided on Friday over President Joe Biden's COVID vaccination-or-testing mandate for businesses with liberal justices strongly in favor and conservatives expressing skepticism.

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Israel's dilemma: Can the unvaccinated return to workplaces?

After spending much of the past year in lockdown, Tel Aviv makeup artist Artyom Kavnatsky was ready to get back to work. But when he showed up for a recent photo shoot, his employer turned him away. The reason? He had not ...

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Spying on the virus: Israel secret service to track patients

The head of Israel's shadowy Shin Bet internal security service said Tuesday that his agency received Cabinet approval overnight to start deploying the agency's phone surveillance technology to help curb the spread of the ...


Can your brain testify against you?

Neuroscientific techniques continue to advance, but their applications in law raise concerns of a threat to individual rights. Previous applications of neuroscientific evidence include using brain scans to detect deception ...


US Supreme Court sets hearings on Obama health reform

The US Supreme Court will hear evidence challenging President Barack Obama's health care reform -- which has come under fire from Republicans -- over three days in March, a spokeswoman said Monday.

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