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Around 60 percent of pregnant women got flu shot in 2019 to 2020

(HealthDay)—About 61 percent of pregnant women received the influenza vaccination and 56.6 percent received the reduced diphtheria toxoid and acellular pertussis (Tdap) vaccination in 2019 to 2020, according to research ...

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Q&A: How to tell the flu from COVID-19

With the advent of fall comes the flu season—and the potential for it to make the rounds in the midst of the current pandemic. But how do you differentiate between the flu, caused by the influenza virus, and COVID-19? And ...

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Researchers warn of COVID-19 and flu 'twindemic'

Even as the first wave of the pandemic still roils, fears are rising of a second crush of COVID-19 infections. But because the novel coronavirus is, well, novel, no one can yet say if that will happen. One thing is certain, ...

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US backs Roche's virus-flu differentiation test

Swiss pharmaceuticals giant Roche said Friday it had received the green light in the United States for emergency use of a diagnostic test differentiating between coronavirus and influenza.

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Study provides insight on how to build a better flu vaccine

Flu season comes around like clockwork every year, and sooner or later everyone gets infected. The annual flu shot is a key part of public health efforts to control the flu, but the vaccine's effectiveness is notoriously ...

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COVID-19 and influenza: What to expect

With winter fast approaching, many are wondering how COVID-19 will affect the 2020-2021 influenza season. Dr. Gregory Poland, an infectious diseases expert and director of the Mayo Clinic Vaccine Research Group, says while ...

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ACIP issues recommendations for 2020 to 2021 flu vaccination

(HealthDay)—Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP) recommendations have been updated to include the influenza vaccination for the 2020 to 2021 season; the recommendations were published in the Aug. 21 issue ...

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