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A COVID-19 'infodemic': How to make sense of what you're reading

You read about COVID-19. Then, you read some more. Then, you read things that contradict other things. This has become a daily routine for many Americans. COVID-19 is worrisome enough, so when you add in the tsunami of information ...


How to avoid information overload

Being able to go online offers a wealth of knowledge, keeps you connected to loved ones and makes all sorts of transactions more convenient. But there's a downside.


Rescuing neuroscience from its data deluge

Before the digital age, neuroscientists got their information in the library like the rest of us. But the field's explosion has created nearly 2 million papers—more data than any researcher can read and absorb in a lifetime.

Psychology & Psychiatry

Learning in an information overload world

To harness rather than drown in the ocean of knowledge that swamps us daily via the media and the Internet, we've got to become more cognitively productive, says Luc Beaudoin. The Simon Fraser University adjunct education ...

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