New COVID breakthrough data, and what to know about boosters

Research on breakthrough COVID-19 infections at MUSC Health offers some clues about what's likely happening in the larger community. About 2% of the more than 14,800 fully vaccinated employees and students have had lab-confirmed ...

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Bulgaria, EU's least vaccinated nation, faces deadly surge

Standing outside the rundown public hospital in Bulgaria's northern town of Veliko Tarnovo, the vaccination unit's chief nurse voices a sad reality about her fellow citizens: "They don't believe in vaccines."

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New COVID cases were 300% higher this Labor Day weekend than last year

(HealthDay)—With the Delta variant surging and many Americans mask- and vaccine-free, new cases of COVID-19 spiked to levels over the long Labor Day weekend that were 300% higher than those seen over the same weekend in ...

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Physiotherapy's vital role in treating long COVID

As more about the effects of long COVID is learnt, it is apparent that cardio-respiratory physiotherapists have an essential role in helping people recover from the virus, a University of Otago physiotherapy specialist says.

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Hospitals in crisis in least vaccinated state: Mississippi

As patients stream into Mississippi hospitals one after another, doctors and nurses have become all too accustomed to the rampant denial and misinformation about COVID-19 in the nation's least vaccinated state.

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Germany urges vaccine shots; warns of fall COVID-19 surge

Germany's top health official is urging more citizens to get vaccinated, warning Saturday that if the vaccination numbers don't go up the country's hospitals may get overwhelmed by COVID-19 patients toward the end of the ...

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