How often should we exercise to get in shape?

Elite athletes—like Jakob Ingebrigtsen, who won gold for the men's 1500m race at the Tokyo 2020 Olympics—train almost ten to 14 times per week, clocking up numerous hours on the track and in the gym. But for the rest ...

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COVID-19 long-haulers at risk of developing kidney damage, disease

Research continues to mount indicating that many people who've had COVID-19 go on to suffer a range of adverse conditions months after their initial infections. A deep dive into federal health data adds to those concerns, ...


New COVID breakthrough data, and what to know about boosters

Research on breakthrough COVID-19 infections at MUSC Health offers some clues about what's likely happening in the larger community. About 2% of the more than 14,800 fully vaccinated employees and students have had lab-confirmed ...


Brazil starts booster shots while many still await a 2nd jab

Some cities in Brazil are providing booster shots of the COVID-19 vaccine, even though most people have yet to receive their second jabs, in a sign of the concern in the country over the highly contagious delta variant.

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Virus pushes some California hospitals near ICU capacity

Hospitals in the heart of California's Central Valley are running out of beds in their intensive care units, state officials announced Friday, as a more contagious version of the coronavirus continues to spread primarily ...

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North Africa virus cases plummeting after summer spike

Weeks after a spike in coronavirus cases overwhelmed intensive care units across North Africa with severe oxygen shortages sparking public anger, case numbers are sharply declining.

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Scientists discover new piece of clotting puzzle

Birmingham scientists have described a potential new target and strategy for anti-thrombotic therapy, in research that provides a new perspective on how blood clotting works in infectious and inflammatory diseases.

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