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Preventing the next pandemic

Thus far, COVID-19 has cost at least $2.6 trillion and may cost ten times this amount. It is the largest global pandemic in 100 years. Six months after emerging, it has killed over 600,000 people and is having a major impact ...


WTO backs Australia's neutral cigarette packs, again

The World Trade Organization's appeals body on Tuesday upheld Australia's right to require neutral packaging for cigarettes and cigars, rejecting arguments from two tobacco-growing nations.

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Global alarm grows as China's capital reports first virus death

China's capital on Monday recorded its first death from a deadly coronavirus as it struggles to contain a rapidly spreading disease that has sparked global alarm, with countries scrambling to evacuate their citizens from ...


Nobel season opens with Medicine Prize

The announcement of the Nobel Medicine Prize on Monday opens an unusual 2019 Nobel season in which two literature laureates will be crowned after a scandal postponed last year's award, amid speculation Greta Thunberg could ...

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Infectious disease spread is fueled by international trade

International trade and travel has literally opened up new vistas for humans, ranging from travel to exotic places to enjoying the products and services of those distant lands. But along with international trade and travel ...

Diseases, Conditions, Syndromes

USDA: Pig virus that struck US similar to China strain

Federal agriculture officials say the virus that killed more than 8 million baby pigs in 2013 and 2014 likely came into the United States on reusable tote bags used in international trade.

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