Oncology & Cancer

How intestinal cancer stem cells evade anti-angiogenic therapy

A team led by Ludwig Lausanne's Tatiana Petrova, Jeremiah Bernier-Latmani and alum Christoph Cisarovsky identified a novel mechanism by which stem cells in intestinal tumors generate new blood vessels and evade anti-angiogenic ...


Optimization of human small intestinal organoids

Researchers from the Organoid group (formerly the Clevers group) have improved human small intestinal organoids—miniature versions of the small intestine. This will help them to better study the functioning of the small ...

Medical research

New stem cell mechanism discovered in the gut

A special layer of cells that coats the insides of the small and large intestines takes in nutrients and water while keeping anything bad from circulating. This layer is called the intestinal epithelium. It completely renews ...

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