A 'one-stop shop' for health care in Asian immigrant communities

Nelson Zhao grew up in San Francisco's Chinatown, and as a child started going to a nonprofit community health center. Today, at 29 and with a good job working in the finance sector, he's never given a second thought to going ...

Psychology & Psychiatry

Nurse burnout remains an issue in the United States

(HealthDay)—Burnout remains a significant problem among U.S. nurses who leave their job or are considering leaving their job, according to a study published online Feb. 4 in JAMA Network Open.

Health informatics

Nationwide survey finds physician satisfaction with telehealth

In late November, the COVID-19 HealthCare Coalition, comprising more than 1,000 health care organizations, technology firms and nonprofits, including Mayo Clinic, published the Telehealth Impact Physician Survey results.

Psychology & Psychiatry

Workaholism leads to mental and physical health problems

Workaholism or work addiction risk is a growing public health concern that can lead to many negative mental and physical health outcomes such as depression, anxiety or sleep disorder. Perception of work (job demands and job ...

Psychology & Psychiatry

Wives bore the brunt of child care during the shutdown

Traditional gendered patterns of child care persisted during the COVID-19 shutdown, with more than a third of couples relying on women to provide most or all of it, according to a study from University of Georgia researcher ...

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