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Greed, not generosity, more likely to be 'paid forward'

Paying it forward - a popular expression for extending generosity to others after someone has been generous to you - is a heartwarming concept, but it is less common than repaying greed with greed, according to new research ...

Psychology & Psychiatry

Social rejection can boost creativity, researchers find

(Medical Xpress)—Social misfits, rejoice. You might be more like Steve Jobs, Lady Gaga and Albert Einstein than you realize, if rejection boosts your creativity, reports a new Cornell study.

Psychology & Psychiatry

Working together can help battle effects of fatigue

Fatigue can lead to dangerous errors by doctors, pilots and others in high-risk professions, but individuals who work together as a team display better problem-solving skills than those who face their fatigue alone, new research ...

Journal of Experimental Social Psychology

The Journal of Experimental Social Psychology (JESP) is a scientific journal published by Psychology Press, and is distributed as part of dues to the membership of the Society of Experimental Social Psychology (SESP). It is highly cited and is considered one of the field's top journals.

JESP publishes original empirical papers on subjects like social cognition, attitudes, group behaviour, social influence, intergroup relations, self and identity, nonverbal communication, and social psychological aspects of affect and emotion.

Its current editor is Joel Cooper.

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