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Attentive listening helps teens open up, study finds

Engaged listening techniques such as eye contact, nodding and using key words to praise openness helps teenagers when they admit bad behavior and share hurt feelings with their parents, a new study has shown.


Russia optimistic about European approval of Sputnik jab

Russian officials said Friday a European review of the country's Sputnik V coronavirus vaccine is going "according to plan" and the jab may be approved in the coming months, local news agencies reported.

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COVID lab origin theory gains traction in United States

Long dismissed as a kooky conspiracy theory favored by the far right, the idea that COVID emerged from a lab leak in Wuhan has been gaining increasing momentum in the United States.

Diseases, Conditions, Syndromes

China rejects claim of illness at Wuhan lab in late 2019

China on Monday dismissed as "totally untrue" reports that three researchers in Wuhan went to hospital with an illness shortly before the coronavirus emerged in the city and spread around the globe.

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