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Single vaccine protects against three deadly strains of coronavirus

A vaccine designed to protect against three different deadly coronaviruses shows success in mouse studies, demonstrating the viability of a pan-coronavirus vaccine developed by researchers at the Duke Human Vaccine Institute.

Medical research

Is the first cure for advanced rabies near?

Rabies virus is incurable and almost always fatal once it has invaded the central nervous system, with the victim doomed to suffer a horrible death.


AI finds drugs that could fight aging and age-related diseases

Finding new drugs—called "drug discovery"—is an expensive and time-consuming task. But a type of artificial intelligence called machine learning can massively accelerate the process and do the job for a fraction of the ...

Medical research

Oxygen restriction helps fast-aging lab mice live longer

For the first time, researchers have shown that reduced oxygen intake, or "oxygen restriction," is associated with longer lifespan in lab mice, highlighting its anti-aging potential. Robert Rogers of Massachusetts General ...

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