Alzheimer's disease & dementia

Biological clock disruptions sound Alzheimer's alarm

New Alzheimer's research from UVA Health suggests that enhanced light sensitivity may contribute to "sundowning"—the worsening of the disease's symptoms late in the day—and spur sleep disruptions thought to contribute ...


Light quality found to enhance contrast vision

Prof Sei-ichi Tsujimura of the Nagoya City University and Prof Su-Ling Yeh of National Taiwan University and Kagoshima University, have discovered that our visual acuity (contrast sensitivity) can be improved by using a light ...


System that uses light stimulation to modulate brain waves

Researchers have developed a system which uses light stimulation to modulate brain waves. This opens up new avenues to explore for possible treatment of conditions such as epilepsy, Parkinson's and migraine.


'The focea': A region of improved vision in mice

Mice are an important animal model of human vision due to the powerful genetic tools available in this species. However, mouse vision was thought to be different to that of humans because humans have a region of the retina ...

Medical research

Scientists create functional human retinas in a dish

Scientists have generated accurate replications of human retinas in culture that can be used to pinpoint the specific types of cells affected by genetic eye diseases. The culmination of a six-year effort, this achievement ...

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