Is honey healthy? How to make sure you don't get stung

As temperatures fall, honey's popularity tends to rise. Whether used as an ingredient in autumn recipes and holiday desserts, added to a celebratory cocktail or given to ease a child's cough, it certainly satisfies a sweet ...

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Spanish court rejects lockdown as Europe faces virus surge

Madrid's top court struck down virus restrictions on millions in the Spanish capital on Thursday, while France put four more cities on its highest alert as European governments battled to control a sustained surge in virus ...

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Another 481 COVID-19 cases found at University of Alabama

The University of Alabama reported Friday that an additional 481 students have tested positive for COVID-19, bringing the total to more than 1,000 infections since students returned to campus for the fall.

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Florida gambles on reopening, as virus numbers rise

Florida is reporting record daily totals of new coronavirus cases, but you'd never know it looking at the Sunshine State's increasingly busy beaches and hotels.

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China virus sends shockwaves through Asia tourist industry

A deadly virus that has prompted travel restrictions in China is sending shockwaves through Asia's tourism industry, which has become increasingly reliant on growing numbers of Chinese visitors.

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Normality returns to hospital at centre of Korea MERS crisis

The hospital at the epicentre of South Korea's deadly MERS outbreak started to resume normal operations Monday, as officials moved closer to declaring a formal end to a crisis that triggered widespread panic and choked the ...