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Study finds Americans went out more after face mask mandates

Face masks mandates have led people to spend less time at home, but whether this has exposed Americans to more risk is still a question, according to a new study published Thursday in Scientific Reports.

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Tokyo's voluntary standstill may have stopped COVID-19 in its tracks

Why did Japan largely contain COVID-19 despite famously jam-packed Tokyo and despite the country's proximity to China? With no penalties and only requests for cooperation, Japan's state of emergency somehow averted the large-scale ...

Health informatics

What can smartphone location data tell us about the pandemic?

Kevin Williams, an associate professor of economics at Yale SOM, was in the middle of a study of consumer retail behavior using real-time cell phone location data when COVID-19 hit. Shelter-in-place orders rolled across the ...

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A.I. tool provides more accurate flu forecasts

Predicting influenza outbreaks just got a little easier, thanks to a new A.I.-powered forecasting tool developed by researchers at Stevens Institute of Technology.

Diseases, Conditions, Syndromes

Swiss launch COVID-19 tracing app

Switzerland's COVID-19 contact-tracing app will roll out to the public on Thursday, the government said, urging everyone to download it on their smartphones.

Medical research

Indigenous ICU patients suffer in long term

Rigorous follow-up of Indigenous patients recovering from critical illness, particularly those who have discharged themselves from hospital, is essential, a new Medical Journal of Australia paper says.

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