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Q&A: Six UTI myths and facts

As a woman in my mid-60s, I have been diagnosed with a urinary tract infection for the first time ever. I was surprised to find out that I don't need antibiotics because I don't have any symptoms. There's a lot of conflicting ...

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Does what you drink affect your risk of urinary incontinence?

Urinary incontinence affects nearly 20% of women aged older than 50 years. Many factors can influence a woman's risk of urinary incontinence. A new study suggests that despite some commonly held misconceptions, the consumption ...

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Overactive bladder common in postacute COVID-19 syndrome

Overactive bladder (OAB) symptoms are common in patients recovering from postacute COVID-19 syndrome (PACS), according to a study published online Oct. 26 in the Journal of Multidisciplinary Healthcare.

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Study shows an improved way to model type 2 diabetes in mice

Type 2 diabetes affects the lives of millions of Americans and is estimated to cost $327 billion in health care and productivity lost annually. It is also associated with pain, lower urinary tract or bladder dysfunction, ...


Why do I need to pee more in the cold?

You're taking a stroll through the park on a cold winter's morning, when it hits you—the need to find a bathroom, and quick! This didn't used to happen in summer.

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Kids can get UTIs, too

(HealthDay)—Adults aren't the only ones susceptible to urinary tract infections, or UTIs. They can occur in kids, even infants, if bacteria get into the urinary tract, often from the bowel.

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