How to protect yourself from wildfire smoke

The wildfire haze that is turning air quality in New England hazardous and New York City skies orange is an unusual event for the East Coast of the U.S.—but it may not be for long.


Team provides new analysis of pulmonary hypertension

Pulmonary hypertension may be postcapillary—a result of an increase in pulmonary venous pressure in left-sided heart diseases—or pre-capillary, caused by pulmonary vascular remodeling or lung diseases, leading to increased ...


Summer thunderstorms can leave asthma-sufferers breathless

As the weather heats up, many are looking forward to getting outside for some fun in the sun. But for asthma-sufferers, the summer season can present dangerous conditions through asthma triggers that many are unaware of, ...

Medical economics

Global burden of chronic respiratory diseases quantified

Chronic respiratory diseases (CRDs) were the third leading cause of death globally, accounting for 4.0 million deaths in 2019, according to a study published online April 25 in eClinicalMedicine.

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