Finding new drugs to fight malaria

Malaria is an infection of red blood cells and is caused by parasites that are transferred to humans by mosquitoes. If left untreated, it can be fatal. In 2020 alone, nearly half the globe's population was at risk of being ...

Medical research

Scientists closer to outsmarting malaria parasites

Researchers from The Australian National University (ANU) have discovered why malaria parasites are vulnerable to some drug therapies but resistant to others, offering scientists another piece of the puzzle in the global ...


The warning lights are on for malaria medicines in Africa

Reports of sporadic resistance to modern malaria drugs have begun appearing in recent years, and are now confirmed in Rwanda and Uganda. The Conversation Africa's Ina Skosana asked infectious diseases experts Deus Ishengoma ...

Diseases, Conditions, Syndromes

Researchers detect malaria resistant to key drug in Africa

Scientists have found evidence of a resistant form of malaria in Uganda, a worrying sign that the top drug used against the parasitic disease could ultimately be rendered useless without more action to stop its spread.

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