Plasmodium accipiteris Plasmodium achiotense Plasmodium achromaticum Plasmodium acuminatum Plasmodium adunyinkai Plasmodium aegyptensis Plasmodium aeuminatum Plasmodium agamae Plasmodium alloelongatum Plasmodium anasum Plasmodium anomaluri Plasmodium arachniformis Plasmodium ashfordi Plasmodium atheruri Plasmodium audaciosum Plasmodium auffenbergi Plasmodium aurulentum Plasmodium australis Plasmodium attenuatum Plasmodium azurophilum Plasmodium balli Plasmodium bambusicolai Plasmodium basilisci Plasmodium beebei Plasmodium beltrani Plasmodium berghei Plasmodium bertii Plasmodium bigueti Plasmodium bitis Plasmodium biziurae Plasmodium booliati Plasmodium bouillize Plasmodium bowiei Plasmodium brodeni Plasmodium brasilianum Plasmodium brasiliense Plasmodium brumpti Plasmodium brucei Plasmodium brygooi Plasmodium bubalis Plasmodium bucki Plasmodium bufoni Plasmodium buteonis Plasmodium capistrani Plasmodium carinii Plasmodium cathemerium Plasmodium causi Plasmodium cephalophi Plasmodium cercopitheci Plasmodium chabaudi Plasmodium chalcidi Plasmodium chiricahuae Plasmodium circularis Plasmodium circumflexum Plasmodium clelandi Plasmodium cordyli Plasmodium cnemaspi Plasmodium cnemidophori Plasmodium coatneyi Plasmodium coggeshalli Plasmodium colombiense Plasmodium columbae Plasmodium corradettii Plasmodium coturnixi Plasmodium coulangesi Plasmodium cuculus Plasmodium cyclopsi Plasmodium cynomolgi Plasmodium diminutivum Plasmodium diploglossi Plasmodium dissanaikei Plasmodium divergens Plasmodium dominicana Plasmodium draconis Plasmodium durae Plasmodium effusum Plasmodium egerniae Plasmodium elongatum Plasmodium eylesi Plasmodium fabesia Plasmodium fairchildi Plasmodium falciparum Plasmodium falconi Plasmodium fallax Plasmodium fieldi Plasmodium fischeri Plasmodium foleyi Plasmodium formosanum Plasmodium forresteri Plasmodium floridense Plasmodium fragile Plasmodium gaboni Plasmodium galbadoni Plasmodium garnhami Plasmodium gallinaceum Plasmodium gemini Plasmodium georgesi Plasmodium giganteum Plasmodium giganteumaustralis Plasmodium giovannolai Plasmodium girardi Plasmodium gonderi Plasmodium globularis Plasmodium gologoense Plasmodium gonatodi Plasmodium gracilis Plasmodium griffithsi Plasmodium guangdong Plasmodium gundersi Plasmodium guyannense Plasmodium heischi Plasmodium hegneri Plasmodium hermani Plasmodium herodiadis Plasmodium heteronucleare Plasmodium hexamerium Plasmodium holaspi Plasmodium holti Plasmodium huffi Plasmodium hydrochaeri Plasmodium hylobati Plasmodium incertae Plasmodium icipeensis Plasmodium iguanae Plasmodium inconstans Plasmodium inopinatum Plasmodium inui Plasmodium japonicum Plasmodium jefferi Plasmodium jiangi Plasmodium josephinae Plasmodium joyeuxi Plasmodium juxtanucleare Plasmodium kempi Plasmodium kentropyxi Plasmodium knowlesi Plasmodium koreafense Plasmodium lacertiliae Plasmodium lagopi Plasmodium lainsoni Plasmodium landauae Plasmodium leanucteus Plasmodium lemuris Plasmodium lepidoptiformis Plasmodium limnotragi Plasmodium lionatum Plasmodium lophurae Plasmodium loveridgei Plasmodium lucens Plasmodium lutzi Plasmodium lygosomae Plasmodium mabuiae Plasmodium mackerrasae Plasmodium mackiei Plasmodium maculilabre Plasmodium maior Plasmodium majus Plasmodium malariae Plasmodium multivacuolaris Plasmodium marginatum Plasmodium matutinum Plasmodium megaglobularis Plasmodium megalotrypa Plasmodium melanoleuca Plasmodium melanipherum Plasmodium mexicanum Plasmodium michikoa Plasmodium minasense Plasmodium minuoviride Plasmodium modestum Plasmodium morulum Plasmodium multiformis Plasmodium murinus Plasmodium narayani Plasmodium necatrix Plasmodium neotropicalis Plasmodium neusticuri Plasmodium nucleophilium Plasmodium octamerium Plasmodium odocoilei Plasmodium osmaniae Plasmodium ovale Plasmodium paddae Plasmodium papernai Plasmodium parahexamerium Plasmodium paranucleophilum Plasmodium parvulum Plasmodium pedioecetii Plasmodium pelaezi Plasmodium percygarnhami Plasmodium pessoai Plasmodium petersi Plasmodium pifanoi Plasmodium pinotti Plasmodium pinorrii Plasmodium pitheci Plasmodium pitmani Plasmodium polare Plasmodium pulmophilum Plasmodium pythonias Plasmodium quelea Plasmodium reichenowi Plasmodium relictum Plasmodium rhadinurum Plasmodium rhodaini Plasmodium robinsoni Plasmodium rousetti Plasmodium rousseloti Plasmodium rouxi Plasmodium sandoshami Plasmodium sasai Plasmodium saurocaudatum Plasmodium schwetzi Plasmodium scelopori Plasmodium scorzai Plasmodium semiovale Plasmodium semnopitheci Plasmodium shortii Plasmodium siamense Plasmodium silvaticum Plasmodium simium Plasmodium simplex Plasmodium smirnovi Plasmodium stuthionis Plasmodium tanzaniae Plasmodium tenue Plasmodium tejerai Plasmodium telfordi Plasmodium tomodoni Plasmodium torrealbai Plasmodium toucani Plasmodium traguli Plasmodium tribolonoti Plasmodium tropiduri Plasmodium tumbayaensis Plasmodium tyrio Plasmodium uilenbergi Plasmodium uluguruense Plasmodium uncinatum Plasmodium uranoscodoni Plasmodium utingensis Plasmodium uzungwiense Plasmodium watteni Plasmodium wenyoni Plasmodium vacuolatum Plasmodium vastator Plasmodium vaughani Plasmodium vautieri Plasmodium venkataramiahii Plasmodium vinckei Plasmodium vivax Plasmodium volans Plasmodium voltaicum Plasmodium wenyoni Plasmodium yoelii Plasmodium youngi Plasmodium zonuriae

Plasmodium is a genus of parasitic protozoa. Infection by this parasite is known to cause malaria. The genus Plasmodium was discovered in 1885 by Marchiafava and Celli. Currently over 200 species of this genus are recognized and new species continue to be described.

Of over the 200 known species of Plasmodium, at least 10 species infect humans. Other species infect animals, including monkeys, rodents, birds, and reptiles. The parasite always has two hosts in its life cycle: a mosquito vector and a vertebrate host.

As of 2006[update], the genus is in need of reorganization as it has been shown that parasites belonging to the genera Haemoproteus and Hepatocystis appear to be closely related to Plasmodium. It is likely that other species such as Haemoproteus meleagridis will be included in this genus once it is revised.

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