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Rollout of world's first malaria jab gathers pace

The world's first malaria vaccine will soon be available across sub-Saharan Africa, according to PATH, partners of the vaccine developers, as positive results from the pioneering jab pile up.

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Hunting the 'perfect protein' for malaria mRNA vaccine

After the success of mRNA vaccines against COVID-19, scientists are cautiously optimistic that the same technology can be used to tackle other widespread diseases such as malaria. The technology is promising, say vaccine ...

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How COVID-19 is affecting global efforts to eliminate malaria

The epidemiology of COVID-19 is complicated. We've worked out the virus spreads through the air, so instead of wiping things down as was first recommended in 2020 we are now looking to masks and ventilation as key public ...

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New insights into immunity to malaria in pregnancy

New Burnet Institute research has revealed the importance of specific proteins in the blood known as complement to clear infection and prevent malaria in pregnancy, a cause of severe disease and significant maternal, fetal, ...

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Africa pins hopes on 'breakthrough' malaria vaccine

A ground-breaking vaccine against malaria has stoked hopes in Africa of rolling back a disease that claims hundreds of thousands of lives a year, many of them youngsters.

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New malaria vaccine brings hope to sub-Saharan Africa

In early October, the World Health Organization endorsed widespread use of the first-ever vaccine against malaria, a parasitic disease transmitted by the bite of an infective female Anopheles mosquito and a major cause of ...


Broad-spectrum malaria vaccine developed

Griffith University researchers are a step closer in the fight against malaria with the development of a broad-spectrum vaccine that can be freeze-dried making it suitable for deployment into malaria-endemic countries.

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