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Spicy treatment the answer to aggressive cancer?

It has been treasured by food lovers for thousands of years for its rich golden colour, peppery flavour and mustardy aroma…and now turmeric may also have a role in fighting cancer.

Medical research

Protein linked to aggressive skin cancer

Almost 300,000 people worldwide develop malignant melanoma each year. The disease is the most serious form of skin cancer and the number of cases reported annually is increasing, making skin cancer one of Sweden's most common ...

Oncology & Cancer

Cancer can be combated with reprogrammed macrophage cells

Researchers at Karolinska Institutet have generated antibodies that reprogramme a type of macrophage cell in the tumour, making the immune system better able to recognise and kill tumour cells. The study, which is published ...

Oncology & Cancer

Potential drug for treating deadly brain cancer

(Medical Xpress)—A*STAR scientists have identified a biomarker of the most lethal form of brain tumours in adults − glioblastoma multiforme. The scientists found that by targeting this biomarker and depleting it with ...

Oncology & Cancer

Smaller surgical procedure sufficient for high-risk melanoma

(Medical Xpress) -- A smaller surgical procedure is fully sufficient to treat patients with the more hazardous form of malignant melanoma of the skin. This according to a major international multicentre study, coordinated ...

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