25 million kids missed routine vaccinations because of COVID

About 25 million children worldwide have missed out on routine immunizations against common diseases like diptheria, largely because the coronavirus pandemic disrupted regular health services or triggered misinformation about ...

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Afghanistan faces raging measles outbreak: WHO

A raging measles outbreak has sickened thousands and killed nearly 100 in crisis-ravaged Afghanistan this year, the World Health Organization said Friday, warning that many more would die without urgent action.


Severe exposure to pathogens can cause childhood stunting: study

Malnourished children suffering from stunting may have intestinal damage caused by continual exposure to pathogens that reduces their ability to absorb nutrients, according to research Monday calling for treatments that go ...

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South Sudan measles outbreak raises questions about vaccines

Despondent, Akon Mathiong points to two small mounds of dirt where she buried her grandsons, 4 and 5 years old, last month. They died after contracting measles in one of the worst-hit areas of South Sudan's latest outbreak.

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