A single memory is stored across many connected brain regions

A new study by scientists at The Picower Institute for Learning and Memory at MIT provides the most comprehensive and rigorous evidence yet that the mammalian brain stores a single memory across a widely distributed, functionally ...


How the brain encodes social rank and 'winning mindset'

If you're reaching for the last piece of pizza at a party and see another hand going for it at the same time, your next move probably depends both on how you feel and whom the hand belongs to. Your little sister—you might ...


New brain hub for memory restoration identified

The mammalian brain houses a complex network of structures that support memory, and a small region called the anterior thalamus is a critical part of this system. Damage to the mammillothalamic tract (MTT)—an important ...


Brain cortex may regulate the need for sleep

Researchers at the University of Oxford have now uncovered a new target for sleep investigations within the mammalian brain—the cerebral cortex. The paper was published today in Nature Neuroscience.

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