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Talking to your kids about the shooting tragedy in Texas

After a gunman killed at least 19 students and two teachers Tuesday at an elementary school in Uvalde, Texas, this week, horrified parents may be wondering how to talk with their children about it.

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Ukraine sets new COVID deaths record

Ukraine on Tuesday reported record coronavirus deaths as the country sees a surge in infections and struggles to roll out jabs to its vaccine-sceptic population.

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Few reported Covid infections after trial Barcelona gig

Six people out of 5,000 who attended an indoor trial concert last month in Barcelona reported testing positive for COVID-19 afterwards, organisers said on Tuesday, giving hope for the revival of the live music industry.

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Slovakia to test whole country for coronavirus

Slovak Prime Minister Igor Matovic said Saturday the eurozone member will test every resident ages 10 and up for the coronavirus, amid an uptick in infections.

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Point of contagion: Mass gatherings and the coronavirus

Congregations of a secretive South Korean sect, an assembly of French evangelists and major European football matches: as the new coronavirus radiated across the planet it seeded clusters of infections at mass gatherings ...

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East European nations launch virus fightback

Slovakia and the Czech Republic on Thursday said they were closing borders to stem the spread of the novel coronavirus, while Latvia and Lithuania closed schools and banned mass gatherings.

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