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State deploys teams in NYC to test for Legionella bacteria

State officials are deploying 150 trained workers to test cooling towers in the borough of the Bronx for traces of Legionnaires' disease amid the largest outbreak in New York City's history.

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New York 'fully prepared' to handle Ebola case: mayor

New York's mayor said Friday that the city's health system is fully equipped to handle Ebola after a doctor who had been infected in West Africa was hospitalised in America's largest city.


Crusading NY health chief picked to head CDC

(AP) -- For seven years, Dr. Thomas Frieden has been the nagging conscience of the nation's biggest city, the man who made sure New Yorkers couldn't smoke in bars or eat french fries cooked in artery-clogging trans fats.

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Sons: NYC asst. principal with swine flu very ill

(AP) -- Maintenance workers scrubbed desks and door handles Friday in a flu swine outbreak that shut down three New York City public schools and left an assistant principal hospitalized in critical condition on a breathing ...