Trends in insulin use, glycemic control explored

(HealthDay)—Since 1988, the proportion of patients with diabetes currently on any insulin has remained stable, according to research published online Dec. 30 in Diabetes Care.

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Few COVID-19 tests performed after death

In the effort to curtail the spread of the coronavirus, government leaders are working to increase the number of people being tested for COVID-19. In rare cases, that includes testing people who have recently died.


Norway: New legal limits in traffic for drugs other than alcohol

Legal limits for twenty illegal drugs and medicines with an abuse potential have been introduced by the Norwegian government. Norway is the first country to define both impairment-based legislative limits and limits for graded ...

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Bursitis a common cause of painful hips, knees, heels and elbows

As warm weather arrives and the great outdoors beckons, more and more men and women will be taking to the trails, the beaches, or their yards and gardens, embarking on physical activities that may result in sore, aching, ...

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