Obstetrics & gynaecology

Menopause awareness and education should start earlier in life

For many women, having uncomfortable conversations with their mothers or a health care professional about menstruation was a rite of passage. Today, there is a lot of education available for girls, but what still is lacking ...

Obstetrics & gynaecology

Hormone therapy experiences vary by race among women in menopause

A new study on women across the United States has found that hormone therapy experiences vary dramatically by races among women experiencing symptoms of menopause. The results were published on October 19 in Menopause.

Overweight & Obesity

Are midlife women doomed to gain weight?

Weight gain is a common complaint of midlife women, with more than two-thirds of midlife US women being over the ideal weight threshold. Aging-related metabolic changes promote weight gain in both sexes, but women face additional ...

Obstetrics & gynaecology

What's new and what works in the treatment of hot flashes?

Hot flashes are one of the most commonly reported symptoms of the menopause transition. Over time, a wide array of hormone and nonhormone medications, as well as nonpharmacologic remedies, have been developed to help menopausal ...

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