More choice hasn't improved aged care

Sweeping changes to national aged care funding in the past decade have resulted in worse mental health for older Australians, University of Queensland research shows.

Psychology & Psychiatry

5 things the pandemic has revealed about the Australian psyche

The COVID-19 pandemic has spawned some of the most dramatic changes to Australian life in recent memory. We've had to adapt to a vastly different way of life to curb the spread of the virus, featuring unfamiliar challenges ...

Psychology & Psychiatry

Why we must decolonise mental health

In 2017, the UN Special Rapporteur Dr. Dainius Pūras noted that mental healthcare services around the world were in a crisis and rightly called for a 'revolution' in mental healthcare. He identified problems of power asymmetries, ...


Study investigates what shapes child well-being in rich countries

Research launched on child well-being ranks Ireland 12th out of 38 OECD/EU countries, according to a new study by the UNICEF Office of Research co-authored by Dr. Yekaterina Chzhen, Assistant Professor of Sociology at Trinity. ...

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