Common post-op ear drops tied to eardrum perforations in kids

(HealthDay)—Children who suffer through multiple ear infections are often candidates for ear tube surgery. But a new study finds that the use of one type of ear drops—quinolones—after these surgeries may raise a child's ...


Gene found that raises risk of childhood ear infections

Researchers have discovered a gene region that raises the risk a child will have a middle ear infection, known to doctors as acute otitis media (AOM)—and known to parents as one reason for a screaming, unhappy preschooler. ...


Taking care of airplane ear

It's worse for some more than others - that annoying and sometimes painful blockage in your ears when taking off or landing in an airplane.

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Balloon device approved for Eustachian tube problems

(HealthDay)—A small device inflated inside the tube that helps regulate pressure inside the ear has been approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.

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