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South Korea limits school numbers over virus spike

South Korea on Friday imposed limits on the number of pupils going to schools in and around Seoul as officials scramble to tackle fresh coronavirus cases that threaten the country's success in containing the epidemic.

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Denmark speeds up reopening as virus spread slows

Museums and zoos began reopening in Denmark on Thursday, as the country decided to accelerate its exit from lockdown and health officials said the spread of the new coronavirus was slowing.

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Should schools go screen-free?

A new paper in JAMA Network Open found that most middle and high schools have cell phone use policies, mostly restricting use in classrooms but not during lunch/recess. Just as with physical activity and nutrition, schools ...

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Second coronavirus wave unlikely in Denmark: top expert

A second wave of the new coronavirus is unlikely in Denmark as the reproduction rate has stayed below a key threshold since restrictions were eased a month ago, a top health expert said Tuesday.

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Portugal starts to emerge from coronavirus lockdown

Portugal will begin to ease its coronavirus lockdown on Monday, with small shops, hair salons and car dealers resuming operations as a state of emergency was lifted after more than six weeks.

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Portugal unveils gradual lockdown exit plan

Portugal's government on Thursday unveiled a plan for a gradual exit from coronavirus lockdown, starting on Monday with the opening of some shops and businesses.

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