Resilience may be neurobiological

Neighborhood violence has been associated with adverse health effects on youth, including sleep loss, asthma and metabolic syndrome. Yet some youth living in high-crime neighborhoods manage to avoid these effects.


CDC: Homicides by firearm on the rise in the United States

(HealthDay)—Gun murders are on the rise in the United States and are the most common type of murder, according to a QuickStats report published in the July 27 issue of the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's ...

Psychology & Psychiatry

Individuals who solely murder children differ from other murderers

The neuropsychological profiles of murderers who solely kill children differ significantly from the profiles of those who kill both children and adults in the same homicidal act, according to a new Northwestern Medicine study.

Psychology & Psychiatry

Mass murder, mental illness, and men

Mass murders in the United States are rare, but they receive a lot of media attention and are the focus of an ongoing controversy regarding the link between mass murder and mental illness among the perpetrators of these heinous ...


Targeted mass killings can be prevented

Disagreeing with comments made by Richard Friedman in a recent New York Times op-ed piece, Mary Ellen O'Toole, PhD, Senior FBI Profiler/Criminal Investigative Analyst (ret.), states that there is "a critical and significant ...

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