New scoring system to fix sex disparity in liver transplants

Every year, some 13,000 people are added to the liver transplant waiting list in the United States, but fewer than 9,000 receive a liver. Placement on the list largely depends on a number called the MELD (model for end-stage ...

Medical research

Loss of male sex chromosome leads to earlier death for men

The loss of the male sex chromosome as many men age causes the heart muscle to scar and can lead to deadly heart failure, new research from the University of Virginia School of Medicine shows. The finding may help explain ...

Medical research

A reference tissue atlas for the human kidney

A team of researchers including Jens Hansen, Rachel Sealfon, Rajastree Menon, and colleagues of the Kidney Precision Medicine Project, built on an existing specific human kidney tissue atlas relevant to health care at single-cell ...

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