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New study shows effectiveness of mpox vaccine

A new international study led by Queen Mary University of London has shown mpox (formerly known as monkeypox) infections to be less severe among those who are vaccinated or had a previous infection in 2022, underlining the ...


Survey shows gaps in knowledge about maternal health

Most people know it isn't safe to smoke or drink alcohol while pregnant, and most know that how well a pregnant person takes care of their health affects the health of their baby. But do they know what vaccines are recommended ...


Repurposing meclofenamate to treat abnormal respiratory mucus

Our respiratory systems are lined with a thin fluid layer called mucus on the inside. The mucus protects us from inhaling harmful and unwanted airborne agents from germs to pollutants; it achieves this feat due to its unique ...


Postbiotics: The new kid in the gut health family

When it comes to our health, most of us have heard of prebiotics and probiotics and know something about their benefits to our digestive system (even if it's hard to tell them apart), but what about postbiotics?

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