Medical research

Studying fruit flies to better understand depression

Human beings and fruit flies have very little in common—at first sight. However, by studying these flies, it is in fact possible to find out more about human nature, particularly when it comes to depressive disorders.

Medical research

Compounds from apples may boost brain function

Natural compounds found in apples and other fruits may help stimulate the production of new brain cells, which may have implications for learning and memory, according to a new study in mice published in Stem Cell Reports.

Medical research

Scientists isolate protein linking exercise to health benefits

A team led by researchers at Dana-Farber Cancer Institute has isolated a natural hormone from muscle cells that triggers some of the key health benefits of exercise. They say the protein, which serves as a chemical messenger, ...


New analgesic could replace opioids over the long term

Opioids have long been known as natural substances with substantial pharmacological effects and have been used as effective painkillers. A very prominent example is morphine, which was first isolated and synthesized in the ...

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