Brain discovery suggests source of lifelong behavioral issues

Improper removal of faulty brain cells during neurodevelopment may cause lifelong behavioral issues, new research from the University of Virginia School of Medicine suggests. The finding also could have important implications ...


Kids with neuro disorders no more likely to get flu vaccine

(HealthDay)—Although children with neurologic conditions are at high risk for complications of influenza infection, only half were vaccinated during the 2011 to 2012 influenza season, according to a report published in ...


...treating neurological diseases and computers that see

Some 165 million Europeans are likely to experience some form of brain-related disease during their life. As the population ages, Alzheimer''s and other neurodegenerative or age-related mental disorders are affecting more ...

Psychology & Psychiatry

Challenging the necessity of anti-psychotic drugs

Trials are currently underway to evaluate how the mental health and behaviour of adults with learning disabilities is affected by the gradual withdrawal of their anti-psychotic medication.


Living with disability—and planning a good death

(Medical Xpress)—Australians have a poor track record of talking about death and dying. A recent survey of Australians who'd just lost a loved one to a terminal illness found just 15 per cent were told how their relative ...

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