Uncovering the role of somatostatin signaling in the brain

Somatostatin, a signaling molecule produced by many inhibitory neurons in the brain, broadly dampens communication among a variety of cell types in the prefrontal cortex and promotes exploratory and risk-taking-like behavior ...


Neuroscientists identify brain mechanism that drives focus

Trying to finish your homework while the big game is on TV? "Visual-movement" neurons in the front of your brain can help you stay focused, according to a new study from neuroscientists in the Perelman School of Medicine ...


New mathematical analysis for easy brain activity visualization

A research team led by the University of Tsukuba has revolutionized the visualization of neuronal activity in the brain through a simplified mathematical analysis. Previous methods of visualizing these activities required ...

Psychology & Psychiatry

Tracing maternal behavior to brain immune function

Immune system changes in the pregnant body that protect the fetus appear to extend to the brain, where a decrease in immune cells late in gestation may factor into the onset of maternal behavior, new research in rats suggests.

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