Medical research

Humanity under threat from antibiotic-resistant infections

I grew up believing in the forward trajectory of progress in science and medicine – that human health would continue to improve as it had for hundreds of years. As I progressed through my own career in health sciences, ...

Medical research

Want new medicines? You need fundamental research

Would we be wise to prioritize "shovel-ready" science over curiosity-driven, fundamental research programs? Would that set the stage for the discovery of more new medicines over the long term?


The calling card of aggressive thyroid cancer

A new discovery from University of Alberta scientists represents an important milestone in the fight against thyroid cancer. In a study published in EBioMedicine and recently presented at the American Thyroid Association ...

Diseases, Conditions, Syndromes

New clues to sleeping sickness

(HealthDay)—Parasites that cause sleeping sickness can be found on the skin of people with no symptoms of the disease, a new study finds.

Medical research

Combining knowledge on how the large intestine moves

In the last decade there have been significant advances in understanding how our intestines move and pump food and dispose of waste, thanks to the development of new techniques to analyse the motion of the intestine. Now, ...

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