Australia moots jail time for illegal vape sellers

Illegally selling or manufacturing vapes in Australia could spell up to seven years in jail under new legislation proposed Thursday, as authorities moved to toughen rules outlawing the fast-growing habit.


Canada unveils framework for universal drug plan

Canada on Thursday unveiled a framework for a universal drug plan that, once fully implemented, would mark the biggest expansion of its publicly funded health care system in decades.

Diseases, Conditions, Syndromes

NY bill would force insurers to cover copays for Paxlovid

With the life-saving, COVID-fighting drug Paxlovid no longer covered by the federal government, a push is underway in Albany to ensure New Yorkers seeking the medication do not get gouged by pricey co-payments.

Psychology & Psychiatry

Excessive screen time linked to suicidal behaviors in US preteens

Amidst the worsening teen mental health crisis and new legislation proposing to ban children under 16 from using social media, a new study finds that greater screen time among children 9-11 is associated with a higher risk ...

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