Paxlovid soon will not be free for Americans

The antiviral Paxlovid has kept patients from becoming severely ill and dying from COVID-19 since it became available—at no cost to them. But by the middle of next year, the U.S. government will stop subsidizing the medication. ...

Psychology & Psychiatry

Why aren't the unvaccinated getting their shots?

With COVID-19 cases flooding emergency rooms and deaths on the rise among the unvaccinated, Northeastern researchers wanted to know why a sizable portion of the United States remained weary of or flat-out opposed to vaccines.

Diseases, Conditions, Syndromes

Online search activity can help predict peaks in COVID-19 cases

Analyzing internet search activity is an established method of tracking and understanding infectious diseases, and is currently used to monitor seasonal flu. The new findings show that online search data can be used with ...

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