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'Alarming' COVID subvariants and the power of hybrid immunity

Jacob Lemieux, an infectious disease specialist at Massachusetts General Hospital and instructor at Harvard Medical School, said this week that recent COVID data out of South Africa is "alarming," as the omicron subvariants ...


Study: Fox viewers more likely to believe COVID falsehoods

People who trust Fox News Channel and other media outlets that appeal to conservatives are more likely to believe falsehoods about COVID-19 and vaccines than those who primarily go elsewhere for news, a study has found.

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A COVID-19 'infodemic': How to make sense of what you're reading

You read about COVID-19. Then, you read some more. Then, you read things that contradict other things. This has become a daily routine for many Americans. COVID-19 is worrisome enough, so when you add in the tsunami of information ...

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People seek immediate solutions to cope with fear

The COVID-19 pandemic has evoked many emotions among people worldwide—none more prevalent than fear. These fears, according to University of Michigan psychology professor Joshua Ackerman, can be managed by finding activities ...