Baby up at night? Inactivity may be a culprit

New Michigan State University research suggests babies who are less active get less sleep, something new parents may want to consider when looking for possible solutions for the long, sleepless nights.


Male sleep habits may increase risk of cancer

Men who have worked night shifts for more than 20 years, or who work night shifts without daytime napping, or sleep for more than ten hours per night on average may have an increased risk of cancer, according to a study published ...


Quiet please in the intensive care unit

A study presented at Euroanaesthesia 2016 shows that noise levels in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) can go well above recommended levels, disturbing both patients and the medical teams that care for them. The study is by Dr ...

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What bloodsucking 'kissing bugs' like to eat

Researchers have overturned a century old assumption that "kissing bugs" only feed on blood. The Latin American insects are named after their habit of night time feeding on the face of the victim, often spreading the deadly ...


Blood pressure at night is higher than previously thought

(Medical Xpress)—Scientists at UCL have developed new technology which reveals that blood pressure measured close to the heart is much higher during sleep than previously thought. Night time blood pressure is a strong predictor ...

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