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Teenagers have a hard time reading one another's tones of voice

Your teenage daughter gets into a shouting match with another kid at school. It turns out that it may have started over something as simple as not understanding one another's tones of voice. Recently published research in ...

Psychology & Psychiatry

Research defines more behaviors that reveal romantic attraction

If you want to know whether people are flirting with you, look at what they say and do. Each person has a different tactic for communicating attraction, or flirting style, and new research suggests that during a short get-to-know-you ...


Genders communicate consent to sex differently

(Medical Xpress)—A University of Arkansas researcher's work on the way men and women communicate their consent to have sex could lead to improved sexual assault prevention programs on college campuses.

Autism spectrum disorders

Guideline changes have Asperger's community on edge

(HealthDay)—People with Asperger's syndrome—mild autism with normal or sometimes superior verbal ability and intelligence—are at a crossroads: Their diagnosis is about to disappear.

Psychology & Psychiatry

Study: Delays in video calls may not always hurt communication

A new study reveals how the delay computer users sometimes experience when making video calls over the internet can actually help communication in some circumstances, even though it is frustrating in many others.

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