Study clarifies risky decision making during a heart attack

In a recent study to determine why some individuals who experience symptoms for acute coronary syndrome decide to seek medical attention more quickly than others, a University of Oklahoma researcher has identified numeracy—the ...

Psychology & Psychiatry

Test puts math prep on par with language

(Medical Xpress)—For some kids, numbers simply don't add up. But now, thanks to a test developed by Western researchers, teachers and parents will have an early warning that extra help may be needed.


Parents' poor math skills may lead to medication errors

Many parents cringe when their child asks for help with math homework. New research shows that poor math skills can cause another difficulty for caregivers — measuring the right amount of medicine.

Psychology & Psychiatry

Numeracy: The educational gift that keeps on giving?

(Medical Xpress) -- Cancer risks. Investment alternatives. Calories. Numbers are everywhere in daily life, and they figure into all sorts of decisions. A new article published in Current Directions in Psychological Science, ...

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