A better nutritional facts panel

The ubiquitous nutrition facts panel has graced food packages for many years. But can it be improved?


How nutrition information leads you to buy more

Have you ever been to the supermarket and chosen foods based on nutrition labels? If so, be cautious, because the nutrition values you see on labels can substantially differ based on the recommended serving size, with undesired ...

Oncology & Cancer

Improving nutrition in cancer survivors

Stories involving cancer and its devastating consequences are a frequent occurrence in the news. We are constantly being told which foods may cause cancer, and which may prevent it, but how much is fact, and how much isĀ  ...

Overweight & Obesity

Traffic light food labels strengthen self-control

Should food products be labeled with traffic light symbols to make health-related information on ingredients easier to understand? This question has remained a subject of debate. Now researchers at the University of Bonn ...

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