Horrific war injuries spawn radical plastic surgery techniques

Reconstructing Faces: The Art and Wartime Surgery of Gillies, Pickerill, McIndoe and Mowlem tells the story of the four pioneering surgeons involved in ground-breaking work in facial reconstruction during the two world wars.

Diseases, Conditions, Syndromes

HIV test urged for 7,000 US dental patients

(AP)—Health officials on Thursday urged an Oklahoma oral surgeon's patients to undergo hepatitis and HIV testing, saying filthy conditions behind his office's tidy facade posed a threat to his 7,000 clients and made him ...


New procedure for bone tissue replacement

A Simon Fraser University technology MBA graduate has developed a new procedure for bone tissue engineering and plans to use his newfound business acumen to take the research to the next level.

Oncology & Cancer

Oral surgeons to shine 'blue light' on cancer fight

For the first time ever, a team of Canadian surgeons, which includes two University of Alberta researchers, is collaborating on a study into a technique for the better identification of oral cancer.