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EU concerned over mystery hepatitis cases in children

The European Union's infectious diseases agency on Thursday said unexplained severe cases of hepatitis in young children were "a public health event of concern".


Drop in vaccines exposes LatAm kids to disease: report

One in four children in Latin America and the Caribbean does not have vaccine protection against three potentially deadly diseases, a UN report said Monday, warning of plummeting inoculation rates.


Q and A: Transplants and people of color

DEAR MAYO CLINIC: My wife is African American, and we just learned that she is going to need a kidney transplant. I heard that most of the people on the waitlist are people of color, and I'm wondering whether people from ...

Diseases, Conditions, Syndromes

Nigeria moves to contain rising Lassa fever cases

Nigeria has set up an emergency response centre to contain rising cases of Lassa fever after 26 people were killed in the past three weeks, the country's disease control agency said.

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Organ failure

Organ failure is a condition where an organ does not perform its expected function.

It is not a diagnosis. It can be classified by the cause, but when the cause is not known, it can also be classified by whether the onset is chronic or acute.

Multiple organ failure can be associated with sepsis.

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