Medical research

Healthy gut flora could prevent obesity

Poor gut flora is believed to trigger obesity. In the same way, healthy gut flora could reduce the risk. This has shown to be the case in tests on rats.


Microbial gene discovery could mean greater gut health

As the owner of a human body, you're carrying trillions of microbes with you everywhere you go. These microscopic organisms aren't just hitching a ride; many of them perform essential chemical reactions that regulate everything ...


Discovering the relationship between autism and epilepsy

Researchers at the University of Veracruz (UV), in the west coast of Mexico, have studied the neurobiological link between autism spectrum disorder (ASD) and epilepsy in order to understand why the brain of an autistic child ...

Medical research

Researchers explain how animals sense potentially harmful acids

All animals face the challenge of deciding which chemicals in the environment are useful and which are harmful. A new study greatly improves our understanding of how animals sense an important class of potentially harmful ...

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