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WHO: Monkeypox cases drop 21%, reversing month-long increase

The number of monkeypox cases reported globally dropped 21% in the last week, reversing a month-long trend of rising infections and signaling that Europe's outbreak may be starting to decline, the World Health Organization ...

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Genetic mutations not behind monkeypox spread, virologist says

The current monkeypox outbreak is moving faster than any in recent history, but Washington State University virologist Heather Koehler does not see a reason for the rapid spread in the virus itself.

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UK buys more vaccines for monkeypox as cases top 2,100

British has bought another 100,000 doses of vaccine to stop monkeypox as the number of cases across the country has risen to more than 2,130, the majority of them in London, officials said Tuesday.

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Demand for monkeypox vaccine overwhelms NYC system

Soaring demand for the monkeypox vaccine caused the appointment system to crash in New York City, one of many places where supplies have been running out almost as soon as they arrive.

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WHO issues snapshot of monkeypox cases

The World Health Organization issued its first situation report on the spread of monkeypox on Thursday, detailing the typical profile of those affected by the outbreak so far.

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Mistreated medical school students are more likely to drop out

A Yale-led study published in JAMA Pediatrics finds that second-year medical students who experience mistreatment and discrimination have a higher likelihood of leaving school in subsequent years. Researchers also noticed ...

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