Did quality of outpatient care change from 2002 to 2013?

Local, regional and national efforts have aimed to improve deficits in the quality of health care and the patient experience. So did the quality of outpatient care for adults in the United States change from 2002 to 2013?


Unvaccinated adults cost the US more than $7 billion a year

Vaccine-preventable diseases among adults cost the U.S. economy $8.95 billion in 2015, and unvaccinated individuals are responsible for 80 percent, or $7.1 billion, of the tab, according to the most comprehensive analysis ...


Labor compensation, purchased goods, service biggest spends

(HealthDay)—Labor compensation remains the single largest contributor to costs among physicians' offices, hospitals, and outpatient care centers, according to a report published in the July issue of Health Affairs.


Unintended costs of health-care integration

In recent years hospitals have been rapidly acquiring physician practices, a trend that could potentially lower health care spending—for example, through better coordination of inpatient and outpatient care—or increase ...

Psychology & Psychiatry

Why is it so hard to see a psychiatrist?

Getting psychiatric care in the United States is a lot harder than it should be. Patients around the country are having a hard time booking appointments for outpatient care, and face significant hurdles when it comes to receiving ...

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